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Lollipops, Lollypops or Suckers, All Sugar-Free

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Lollipops, Lollypops or Suckers, All Sugar-Free. All are individually wrapped!

We have ALL KINDS of Lollipops, Sugar-Free Kosher Lollipops from Sorbee, Sugar-Free Assorted Fruit Lollipops, Sugar-Free Sour Fruit Lollipops, Sugar-Free Chocolate Lollipops, Sugar-Free Cinnamon Lollipops, Sugar-Free Small Lollipops (assorted fruits). Then we have Christmas (Red & Greeen) Mixed Sugar-Free Lollipops, Grape Sugarfree Lollipops, Cherry Sugar-Free Lollipops, Blue Raspberry Sugar-Free Lollipops (for Hanukah). Please note our new Diabeticfriendly® lollipops are Kof-K Kosher PARVE and labeled as such!

And let's not forget they are all Gluten-Free. Also now shipping Diabeticfriendly's CAP POPS, (not Kosher), .6 oz, handcrafted!



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